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Best Poster Award at the FCC Week 2023

The FCC week, the traditional yearly get-together of the collaborators and proponents of the Future Circular Collider project of CERN, this year took place in London during the period of 5-9 June 2023. During that week, oral presentations and poster exhibitions presented progress and status for all aspects of the project, and notably CHART projects had a strong presence and impact. The poster session featured a collection of 28 posters, which were assessed by a scientific committee in terms of their quality, relevance, and appearance. Vasiliki (Vicky) Batsari was voted as the ‘best poster award’ winner by the committee, for her poster on the CHART project FCC-ee HTS4. The award also entailed an invitation to present the poster and the key points of the HTS4 project in a brief presentation at the final plenary meeting of the FCC week.

Vicky is a technical student at CERN, currently collaborating with her supervisor, Dr Michael Koratzinos on the FCC-ee HTS4 project. This project, a joint effort between CERN and PSI, began in summer 2022 and will span three years. The objective is to study replacing normal conducting short straight section (SSS) magnets in the FCC-ee main storage ring with high-temperature superconducting (HTS) ones. This transition aims at reducing energy consumption, gaining luminosity and flexibility in optics, and creating a more compact and lighter system. The project involves constructing a prototype module containing a nested quadrupole-sextupole magnet that uses high-temperature superconductors (ReBCO tape). The FCC-ee HTS4 project envisions a greener, more efficient and sustainable cutting-edge-technology for FCC, all without increasing capital expenditure.