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New CHART project «FCCee Lumi» started

Optimizing FCC-ee Luminosity (FCCee Lumi)

The project will deliver an optimized optics of the FCC-ee collider rings in four modes of operation for both two and four interaction points (IPs), including the final focus optics. It will develop final-focus tuning knobs for linear and nonlinear IP optics control, and from the knob performance, derived alignment tolerances for the final focus elements. The project will characterize the expected signals of luminometer, beamstrahlung monitor & SVD signals, study the luminosity tuning based on realistic signals and tuning knobs, and from this deduce the achievable performance and possible directions of further improvement. This project should also prepare the ground for a long-term activity in accelerator physics at the University of Geneva, situated in an ideal place close to CERN, for mutual benefit.

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