CHART Projects


Additive Manufacturing for Structural Components in Superconducting Coils

MagDev1 / MagDev2

Superconducting Accelerator Magnet R&D


Mechanical Modelling and Failure Identification of Impregnated Nb3Sn Rutherford cable stacks

MagNum / MagNum2

Sustainable and Consistent Integrated Modelling of
Superconducting Magnets


Development of optimized resin systems for SC magnet coil production


Enabling Technologies for the Stable Operation and Protection of Final Cooling Solenoids in a Muon Collider


Cryogenic Power Supply for Use in Cryo‐Cooled HTS Magnet Systems


FCC-ee High-Temperature-Superconducting Short Straight Section

HTS Bulk Undulator

High Temperature Superconducting Undulator for SLS2 Upgrade


Multiphysical characterization of Nb3Sn wires and of REBCO coated conductors


Development of recipes and methods for the fabrication of Nb3Sn multifilamentary wires with enhanced current carrying capabilities

FCC / LHC-Lumi

Luminosity Precision Measurements for Hadron Colliders

FCCee-Beam Dynamics Simulations

Accelerator design and simulation framework for FCC-ee: optics and collective effects

FCCee Injector

Design and positron production test program for FCC-ee Injector

Muon Colliders Feasibility Studies

Muon Collider Feasibility Studies: Collective effects and muon cooling

FCChh Stability

Long term coherent stability and diffusion studies for the Future Circular Hadron Colliders


FCC-ee spin tracking and polarization studies

FCCee Lumi

Optimizing FCC-ee Luminosity

FCC Geodesy

Determination of a high-precision gravity field model for the FCC region and improvement of the Geodetic Reference Frames and the Geodetic Infrastructure

FCC Geology 3D Model

Development of a high-resolution 3D geological model and associated GIS-based subsurface data set for the FCC tunnelling work

CHART (Swiss Accelerator Research and Technology)