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New CHART project «Muon Colliders Feasibility Studies» started

Muon Collider Feasibility Studies: Collective effects and muon cooling (Muon Colliders Feasibility Studies)

Muon colliders have a great potential for high-energy physics. They can offer collisions of point-like particles at very high energies, since muons can be accelerated in a ring without limitation from synchrotron radiation. However, the need for high luminosity faces technical challenges, which arise from the short muon lifetime at rest, and the difficulty of producing large numbers of muons in bunches with small emittance. Addressing these challenges requires the development of innovative concepts and demanding technologies. In the frame of an International Muon Collider Collaboration (IMCC) this project aims at study one of the major challenges in such study: the transverse collective effects all along the muon collider chain.

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