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New CHART project «FCCee CPES» started

Cryogenic Power Supply for Use in Cryo‐Cooled HTS Magnet
Systems (FCCee CPES)

In cryogen‐free HTS magnet systems, the high‐current / large‐cross‐section copper conductors used to connect the HTS magnet coils to the power supply located outside of the cryostat create a thermal leakage path and high conduction losses, which ultimately result in high energy consumption of the cryocoolers. Therefore, we will develop a cryogenic power supply that enables power delivery through the cryostat’s heat shield at higher voltage levels (thinner wires, lower heat conduction) by erforming power electronic conversion to the low‐voltage/high‐current needed by the HTS magnets inside of the cryostat. Thus, a realization of a power electronics converter with minimum losses is aimed for, such that ultimately a clearly higher overall energy efficiency can be achieved.

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