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Gianmarco Bovone – 2023 recipient of the Jan Evetts Award


Gianmarco Bovone, Postdoc in the group of Applied Superconductivity at the University of Geneva is one of the three recipients of the 2023 Jan Evetts Award at the EUCAS 2023 conference. This award recognizes excellent work published in Superconductivity Science and Technology by early career researchers. Gianmarco received his award for the paper “Effects of the oxygen source configuration on the superconducting properties of internally-oxidized internal-Sn Nb3Sn wires”.

The work, which is part of the CHART WirDev project and receives financial support from SNSF and CERN, revolves around the development of advanced Nb3Sn superconducting wires to pave the way for the realization of dipole magnets suitable for the Future Circular Collider (FCC). Achieving the desired 100 TeV energy target for the proton-proton collisions entails a dipole field strength of approximately 16 T, roughly double that of the current dipole magnets employed at CERN’s LHC. To meet this requirement, a minimum critical current density of over 1’500 A/mm2 at 16 T and 4.2 K is necessary. This demanding specification exceeds the capabilities of existing commercial Nb3Sn conductors and represents the challenge of Gianmarco’s research.

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