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New CHART project «SC wire characterization» started

Multiphysical characterization of Nb3Sn wires and of REBCO coated conductors (SC wire characterization)  (WireChar)

The project shall establish a body of knowledge on the multiphysical properties of advanced superconductors. One part of the activity consists in a comprehensive research program focused on the characterization of the electrical and electromechanical properties of state-of-the-art and R&D Nb3Sn wires, the goal being to foster the development of Nb3Sn accelerator magnets with improved performance. The other goal of the program is to explore HTS-based technology for the next generation particle accelerators. The focus will be on the characterization of the critical surface of state-of-the-art and R&D REBCO coated conductors, at variable temperature, field intensity and orientation.

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